The Society: structure

Celtic Heritage Society had been registered in April 2009 in Yambol District Court, with registration address: Hlyabovo village, Topolovgrad municipality.

On December 01.2015 The Society has 23 regular members /22 physical persons and 1 juridical person – NGO/ and 14 honorary members from Bulgaria, Ireland, Great Britain and Russia.

Chairman of Managing Board:
/Mr./ Suren Israilyan

Managing Board:
1. /Mr./ Suren Israilyan /from city of Burgas/
2. /Mr./ Kancho Berov /from city of Burgas/
3. /Mr./ Tihomir Videv /from city of Burgasl/
4. /Mr./ Shteryo Shterev /from Hlyabovo village/
5. /Mrs./ Galina Simova /from Sakartzi village/

The Society has:

Celtic Club “Armuda”,
Manager: Galina Simova

Our main task is to popularize Celtic traditions, cuisine and music, to reconstruct Celtic holidays as cultural and touristic events for Bulgarians and tourists.

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