Who are the Celts?

  • a short historical presentation about Celtic civilization
  • Roman Empire policy of contortion of Celtic life
  • Celtic Kingdom THILE in our land in 3 century BC
  • Celtic way of life, Celtic dialects
  • Six Celtic Nations
  • What The Celts have given to the modern world?

a/ Love to Mother Nature
b/ Man-Woman equity
c/ iron products: plough, celtic sword, chain mail
d/ druids

Celts in 3 century BC

Diachronic distribution of Celtic peoples /from Wikipedia/:
/yellow/ core Hallstatt territory, by the sixth century BC

/light green/ maximal Celtic expansion, by the 3 century BC

/grey/ Lusitanian area of Iberia where Celtic presence is uncertain

/green/ the “six Celtic nations” which retained significant numbers of Celtic speakers into theEarly Modern period /Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall and Brittany/

/dark green/ areas where Celtic languages remain widely spoken today

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